Ideas first.
Beauty also first.

Born and raised in Sweden, I fell in love first with fresh mountain air and later with the perfect simplicity of the snowboard. As a result, I spent my twenties shredding powder in the French Alps. After a two-year interlude studying art in New Zealand, I moved to sunny San Diego, where I learned graphic design and embraced the great and glorious mix of cultures, people, and stories. I’m fluent in Swedish, French, and English (and functional in Spanish) but I’m at my most eloquent when blending words and visuals to make statements that make a mark. 

For me, design is about so much more than creating beauty; it’s about communicating meaning and feeling in unforgettable ways. To do that takes strategy and insight. I ask questions about purpose, audience, and message. I dig for new approaches and surprising takes. I create visual order and hierarchy. And in every project, I use everything I know about design – respecting the principles that have worked for centuries and breaking the rules that cry out to be broken.


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