Sara is a rare creative find, and any organization would be REEDIKULUS (say in Swedish accent) not to hire her. 

Here are my top 10 reasons why:

She’s strategic. A lot of creatives think they’re strategic, but Sara actually is.  

She’s practical. She understands brand parameters. Understands audiences. Understands clients’ products and key messages. And, most importantly, understands what actually works in the real world.  

She’s relentlessly polished. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone with an eye for details like Sara. She’s the rare breed that knows just how much the details matter. Because the details are the difference between good work and stellar work, and she sees to it that every project is nothing short of perfect.

She’s client-facing. Translation? She’s super-smart. She can hold her own at a conference table with a bunch of engineers, CMOs, security specialists or genetic scientists. 

She’s reliable. Sara shows up and delivers. With consistency. Never underestimate the value of knowing you will get something you like.

She’s resourceful. She’s not afraid to jump into unchartered creative territory. Apps. UX. Environmental. She’s up for any new challenge. She’s a quick study who becomes more of an expert than the so-called experts.  

She’s flexible. She can churn out ideas — fast — and pivot on a dime.  

She’s forthright. She isn’t afraid to voice what she thinks is best for the client. You might think you’re just bringing in a designer, but you’ll find you have a trusted advisor, too.

She’s prolific. While this Swede is known for her clean aesthetic, she can do an incredible range of illustrations, find the best stock images on the planet, and adapt to any style  —  with ease. 

She’s invested. Sara throws herself into her work. It’s hard (strike that) impossible to find creatives that give a shit the way she does.  

- Audrey Merrit, Partner, WHM